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भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः तत्स॑वितुर्वरे॑णियं भ॒र्गो॑ दे॒वस्य॑ धीमहि ियो॒ यो नः॑ प्रचो॒दया॑त्॥ ।

Details of Events & Options

  1. Participants: All welcome, regardless of previous experience

  2. Guides: Prashanti de Jager, Rachael Breeze, with very very special guests TBA

  3. Dates of Vernal Navratri: March 28- April 7, 2017

  4. Bahama Location:

  5. Sivananada Ashram

  6. Fairfax pre-Navratri event Location:

  7. EarthSpa & Pacific Center of Ayurveda

  8. PrayerGround Plaza, School Street, Fairfax, CA

  9. Donation: $705

  10. Guided Cleanse: Consultation to assist with creating a cleanse/restore protocol, Pulse/Dosha/Jyotisha diagnosis, questions answered daily live.

  11. Additional Options with limited availability: Herbs, Ayurvedic Massage, Cranial-Sacral, Deeper Vedic Consultations, Asana & Pranayama, Library Access

  12. RSVP & More Info: Space is limited at each class so please RSVP

  13. More Info online at

The Veda Mandala & EarthSpa

& the Bahama Sivananda Ashram


The 2017 Vasanta Spring Equinox

Navratri Cleanse and Restoration:

Aligning with the Nine Nights of the Goddess

Traditional Seasonal Protocols

to Cleanse, Quell and Restore

that are Aligned to your Nature and

Suitable for Contemporary Urban Life

March 28-April 7, 2017  ::: Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas

Date TBD, 2017  :::  Pacific Center of Ayurveda ::: Fairfax, CA

Date TBD 2017  :::  GaiaTree Farm  ::: Nevada City, CA

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The Navratri Restorative Cleanse
Prashanti de Jager & Rachael Breeze
March 30 - April 7, 2017

Durga”s attack

on the Demon Army

has dozens of symbols

that carry the ancient teachings

The Nine Nights of the Goddess

Navratri literally means ‘The Nine Nights’ and typically refers to a period of nine days at the vernal and autumnal junctures of the Seasons. 

Traditionally it is these nine days that are by far the most optimal time to cleanse and rejuvenate oneself. 

Navratri is also known as Devi Puja as metaphorically, it is the nine nights of the greatest Goddess Durga as she battles the greatest demons, or forces of imbalance, a legend redolent with meaning for us all.

Because all energy and mass is considered feminine, the word ‘Goddess’ here refers to basic principles of Nature that via cogent patterns of symbolism is anthropomorphized into a human woman.  In the case of Durga, she is the sum of all principles of nature, which is shown in the image here by drawing all ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ into her as her.

Of all the year, it is the equinoxes that are by far the best time to cleanse and restore

The Navratri Restorative Cleanse

Though accomplishing Navratri-esque restorative cleanses has been part of Yoga and Ayurveda since time immemorial, it seems to be relatively unknown now.

In 1990, living in India, I first ‘noticed’ the profound Ayurvedic side of Navratri.  Studying and practicing ‘religiously’ since I have accomplished 52 Navratri Restorative Cleanses in those 26 years. 

  1. Has 3000 years of experience behind it

  2. Aligned with Nature, Optimized by timing with Equinox

  3. Is a very easy yet profound process

  4. Both Cleanses and Restores

  5. One Navratri can be used to ‘set-up’ future Navratri’s

  6. Perfectly aligned with Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotisha, Vastu

Indeed, Navratri Puja is typically practiced by hundreds of millions of people every year, and few practice or even know the ‘Ayurveda’ and Yoga facets of it, which are profound and very rewarding practices that create a basis of wellness and longevity.

There are dozens of insights available to us in this restorative cleanse, and once you start these practices you may never do any other type of ‘cleanse’ as the Navratri restorative cleanse tends to give ‘right context’ to all other cleanses.

Durga is the sum of all gods & goddesses

Much Basic Yogic Knowledge

Is yet to be ‘Known’ in the West

Because Ayurveda & Yoga are so 'young' in America, there is still so much 'basic' knowledge that is yet to finally 'emerge' here.

Since 1990, 26 years,  lived in India for a decade steeping in Yoga & Ayurveda and the Vedic Sciences and have studied and practiced over a dozen forms of Yoga with great Masters.

I am so happy to offer to you many of these wonderful insights that are woven into the Tradition in India, and yet, have not found their way to the West in a format readily digestible.

This is what this and most of my events are about. I guarantee your concept of 'Cleanse' will never be the same!

Prashanti enjoys Parsva Bakasana in the Sunset

No more Confusing

Ineffective Cleanses

As a friend and a Clinician I am constantly hearing about people’s woes around confusing and/or ineffective cleanses. 

These classes will empower you with fundamental protocols and their rationale from which you can readily accomplish your own cleanses, to whatever depth you desire, all the while keeping in mind the basic yet seemingly forgotten context, which is restoration followed by rejuvenation.

People, I will show you excellent Liver Cleanses that are free, I will show you how to clean your brain, how to literally design your wellness.

What We Will Accomplish

You will be empowered to accomplish the

traditional equinox restorative cleanse that

is so fundamental to both Yoga and Ayurveda,

and see how it is superior to other ‘cleanses’

in so many ways, including the incredible

depth that is possible and the fact that the

‘cleanse’ facet is just one part of an overall

restorative protocol.  This knowledge is given via:

  1. presentations, 

  2. inspired discussion

  3. direct experience of some practices

  4. shown how to prepare Navratri meals

  5. hands-on how to make some of the herbal products that can assist

Each person will be shown how to optimize the cleanse for themselves for this year, and also design a protocol for the next 4 equinoxes on what tissue to restore when. With this cleanse we can go incredibly deep, into mind and the conditioning of your psyche that sets up myriad imbalances to manifest and congestions to accrue, and you will be shown how to determine this.  

What Navratri  Accomplish

Once you know this empowerment you simply accomplish it every equinox and thus you go deeper twice a year.  I have done it 52 times!  Many issues will not arise when this classic Seasonal routine is followed as it:

  1. clears the congestion, 

  2. open channels, 

  3. quells inflammation, 

  4. boosts metabolism, 

  5. clears psychological programs 

that are often at the root of Imbalance and then focuses on optimizing wellness, restoring core vitality.

Prashanti’s Veda Mandala Consultations & Sessions

Prashanti’s clinical forte/specialty is his ability to use many of the ‘Vedic sciences,’ from Ayurveda to Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) to Hasta Samudrika (Vedic Palmistry) to Yoga to Vastu Shastra (Mother of Feng Shui) to Dhanurveda (the Yoga of Archery) to Advaita (non-dual knowledge), as well as his knowledge of cutting-edge cell physiology and molecular biology, to analyze, diagnose, treat and empower his clients. 

This powerful ‘confluence of factors’ is comparable to having a session with many different wellness guides all at once. 

He loves to support enduring True Wellness in his clients, regardless of the obstacles they face, and he tends to guide many whose wellness is especially challenged by relationships, thought, addictions, and less than optimal lifestyles. 

Special offer: 90 minute Consultation $108

For questions or for scheduling:

Some Topics Covered

  1. The class will flow along the following path

  2. TRADITION: How/why this has carried in time

  3. ACARYA: What patterns I have seen in 26 years

  4. MYTHOLOGY: Traditional story/myth is told

  5. SYMBOLS: Unpack symbolism into meaning

  6. MANTRA: Yoke to some key mantras

  7. RESTORE: Describe why ‘Cleansing’ is so wrong

  8. PROCESS: Outline process Cleansing/Restoring

  9. DIET: The basic diets and practices are given

  10. GI RESTORE: Use herbs practices restore the GI

  11. LIVER: Use 5 techniques to purify liver

  12. ADJUNCTS: Dozens of adjunct therapies are given

  13. PANCHKOSHA: How/why to restore subtle bodies

  14. GUNA: Describing Sattva Rajas Tamas

  15. DEPTH: Learn deepest layers within and restore

  16. LOVE: For instance, “How to clean your love”

  17. VASTU: Show how to apply Vastu here

  18. VAK: Show the epic power of Vak

  19. ITERATE: Cycle back to physical, discuss organs

  20. PARALLEL: Several other techniques  are used

  21. RTUCHARYA: Perfect fits with Solstice sadhanas

Come and I will give you the experience and insights of a person who has studied it 52 times now.

Other Important Classes Offered

We will also address some other key topics like how to

  1. EPIGENETICS: longevity by positive epigenetic

  2. GLYMPHATICS: Utilize brain’s cleansing paths

  3. WOMAN: Hormone balance & xenoestrogens

  4. ADAPTOGEN: Complete the restorative process

And many others

Vedic Astrology Chart

Ayurveda and Pulse Diagnosis

Consultations to Optimize & Guide Wellness

Integrating the Bahama Navratri into The 
“Fairfax Community Spring pre-Cleanse”
Prashanti’s consultations and classes dovetail well with this event, a ‘double’ community event in the sense that the participants are from the community and those supporting the event is a community of businesses, all geared at preparing people for the full Navratri in the Bahamas.
The alliance includes:
Rachael Breeze of Earth Spa 
Taste Cafe & Restaurant
Sol Studios Yoga 
Prashanti of Pacific Center of Ayurveda
Participants can receive their pre-Navratri cleansing food from Taste, Yoga classes at Sol Studio, guidance from Rachael Breeze, and the classes and consultations from Prashanti.
Rachael, a close ally of Prashanti, owns the  Earth Spa clinic which is directly adjacent to the Pacific Center of Ayurveda.  
For more information about 
joining this Bahama program please 

Prashanti de Jager

From Biophysics to EMT to Ayurvedic Practitioner to Ethnopharmacologist to Ecological Medicine activist to a Yogi and so much more, Prashanti de Jager’s study and practice of full spectrum wellness has continuing since 1985, including 10 years immersed in India herself with incredible Vedic Science teachers. 

He is one of the founders of Organic India, the Pacific Center of Ayurveda, the Kailash Vedic Guild, a founding trustee of the Dunagiri Foundation Trust, and has a rewarding teaching schedule that takes him far and wide across this Good Earth, from Bohemia to Manhattan to Uttarkhand to Goa.

Prashanti also offers SHE, important Woman’s Wellness Retreats for instance, the one of January 2016:

Classes & Presentations

Pacific Center of Ayurveda & EarthSpa, Fairfax, CA

Location to be announced, Nevada City, CA

Private Venue, Maui Upcountry, HA

Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas,

   Date TBD :: 7-10pm

  1. NAVRATRI Restorative Seasonal Cleanse: The deeply rewarding ‘cleanse’ of Yoga & Ayurveda

   Date TBD :: 12-5 pm

  1. Navratri Review + Q&A: Forum to discuss, question, confirm, empower

  2. Prashanti’s Satkona Cleanse:  Secrets to a Simple Successful Cleanse

  3.   Women’s Wellness: Fibroids, Thyroids, Inflammation & Xenoestrogens

  4. Adaptogens: Restoring Deep Reservoirs of Wellness

   Datre TBD :: 7-10 pm

  1. Epigenetics, Wellness, Longevity: Optimizing Genetic Expression is Vital to Enduring Vitality


   Date TBD :: 6-10 pm

  1. NAVRATRI Restorative Seasonal Cleanse: The deeply rewarding ‘cleanse’ of Yoga & Ayurveda

   Date TBD :: 6-10 pm

  1. Navratri Review + Q&A: Forum to discuss, question, confirm, empower

  2. Prashanti’s Satkona Cleanse:  Secrets to a Simple Successful Cleanse

  3. Epigenetics, Wellness, Longevity: Optimizing Genetic Expression is Vital to Enduring Vitality

    Date TBD :: 10-5 pm

  1. NAVRATRI Restorative Seasonal Cleanse: The deeply rewarding ‘cleanse’ of Yoga & Ayurveda

  2. Prashanti’s Satkona Cleanse:  Secrets to a Simple Successful Cleanse

  3. Adaptogens: Restoring Deep Reservoirs of Wellness

     Date TBD :: 5-8 pm

  1. Women’s Wellness: Fibroids, Thyroids, Inflammation & Xenoestrogens

     Tuesday, March 28th - April 7th, 2017

  1. Where it all comes together

  2. NAVRATRI Restorative Seasonal Cleanse: The deeply rewarding ‘cleanse’ of Yoga & Ayurveda

  3. Prashanti’s Satkona Cleanse:  Secrets to a Simple Successful Cleanse

background image: Ma Kali 

Durga Yantra

Sri Yantra

Durga Yantra

Durga Yantra

Durga Yantra

prashanti de jager

Directions to Pacific Center of Ayurveda / PrayerGround Plaza

the veda mandala

Strong balanced Agni/Fire

of Digestion/ Metabolism

in bodymind-Spirit is key

so mayurasana as Prashanti

is in here is very supportive

background mantra: Om aim hrim klim chamundayai vicche

Prashanti in Mayurasana